March 5 Workday

Our first official work day of 2016 had a great turnout and beautiful weather.

As mentioned in the "February Projects" blog post, this section of track from under the Upper Loop Bridge to the bridge pictured below was scheduled to be replaced within the next year.  Since the initial repair went so well, the work crew went ahead and replaced the remaining sections of track in this area. The aluminium outer rail in this curve was showing extreme wear so it was replaced with steel rail.

Another section that incurred damage during the winter is the Upperloop Mainline as you make your way to the tunnel. This area has also had issues with sediment runoff from the higher ground nearby that was causing the track to be buried in dirt and wash away all gravel. The crew worked very hard to remove all the extra dirt and establish a level area for the new track to be installed.

Special Thanks to D.Blackburn for taking these Photos for the Website.