Joining The Club

If you are interested in live steam model railroading, joining the club is one of the best ways to get started. Whether you are new to the hobby or been railroading for 50 years, we welcome all new members to our organization. All new members start out at the Associate level of membership with dues of $35 per year.

Membership in the club includes two physical newsletters per year, a club roster of all active members, & emails about upcoming events and workdays at the track site. Most importantly, you will get to meet a lot of great fellow members who are always there to give advice, help out, and enjoy live steam model railroading.

1 Year Associate Membership
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You don't have to own any equipment to join our club, and if you are new to the hobby, we suggest you join first anyways. Our members have years of experience with locomotives and rolling stock and can make suggestions on purchases if and when you are ready to own your own locomotive. We have many members who don't own any equipment but enjoy live steam model railroading and want to support the club.

The club has no participation requirements but we always enjoy seeing our fellow members at the track site on work days to help out. We will introduce you to the track maintenance crew and explain all the work that is done at the facility. Coming out to a workday is the single best way to make new friends in this hobby and don't worry, on your first visit, we will introduce you to everyone there.