February Projects

Last month, the park had an outside contractor install some additional water lines in the park. During this construction, some damage to the Upper Loop mainline did occur in a few places.

Since the weather was very nice this weekend, a few of us went to the track in a effort to repair one of these areas.

You can see the deformation in the aluminium rail above in the two images. The section of track, just after the Upper Loop Bridge was scheduled to be replaced within the next year or so. 

New Rail and Ties have been installed in the damaged section. This spring, the area will be leveled and graveled over to complete the project.

Just before Conners Siding, there was a small area that had washed out under this switch. When this occurred is not known, but must have been after the Winter Meet in October. A couple pieces of PVC pipe and the washout was corrected. This spring, the gravel crew will revisit this area to clean the switch and replace some of the fill used .