March 21 Workday

During the month of February, the lights over the steaming bay area were serviced and repaired. Due to their location and height, a large lift is needed to reach them and some track damage occurred during this event. Damaged track was painted red so the work crew could get an overall view of what and where needed to be fixed. The track on the left had the most damage, so the decision was made to replace the entire section (70 feet).

After some debate and planning, the work crew removed the first switch for rehabilitation and moved it 10 feet further down so rolling stock is on a flatter area before reaching the switch. 

The track pictured below connects to the unloading ramp and is a high foot traffic area during the meets. It was decided to to put steel rail on these panels as well as aluminum support rails to help protect the area from future damage. Work crews will continue repairs in this area over the new few weeks to get it all ready for the Spring Meet.