December 16 Workday

The club has made it a goal to re-deck most of the bridges around the layout. Most of them have been in service for over two decades and need a little refurbishment. The next two bridges to get some attention is the Conner Siding Bridge and the Shop Yard Bridge. The day before the workday, members came out to the track and removed all the old wood decking and bolts. They also repainted the metals support beams underneath the old decking. This was important preparation work so crews could start first thing Saturday morning installing all the new wood decking.

Crews arrived early on Saturday to being installing the new decking. While the high for the day was 55F, the morning started out at 35F and the area was slick with frost. After many hard hours of work and a lot of drilling, the new decking was installed on both bridges. They both look really good and the work crews were proud of their work. Sometime in the future, the track and ties on the Shop Yard Bridge will be replaced as well to complete the repairs.