January 14 Workday

Normally, January in Tennessee is cold and no one wants to work outside. Luckily, this weekend was sunny and a high of 60F so many members decided to take advantage of this beautiful weekend. The next section of track that was slated for replacement was the main line and siding going towards the upper loop section of the layout. 

As you can see from the photo below, the switch leading to the lower / upper loop has been moved about 50 feet from its original location. Also, the siding entrance has been flipped from its previous location to allow for easier access and usage when needed. The siding, next to the main line, will be replaced on the next workday.

The switches still need some rehabilitation and minor tweaks to get their position correct. As with all the track replacement projects completed in the last 3 months, new track sections will be graveled on the same work day in the near future. This allows us maximum flexibility to make adjustments to the new track as needed until gravel day arrives.