December 3 Workday

On the last official workday for the year, we had a good turnout and got a lot of work completed. I want to personally thank all the members who have came out this year to help with the track work. With the dedication of so many members, we have repaired and rebuilt more track this year then in a number of years combined. Of course, there is always more projects to complete in the future, our club track is getting in one of the best conditions it has ever been. It is all thanks to the generous donations and hard work of everyone involved.

Bill Gardei came out to the track earlier in the week and finished connecting all the rail to the new switch. The new switch and track going to Conner Siding looks amazing! 

Michael Haywood came out to the track the day before the work day to remove the old mainline in Conner Siding. This allowed the work crew on Saturday to start immediately installing new track.

On Saturday, the crew started to install the new track panels. The high never got above 50F but all the hard work kept the workers warm. Many members of the work crew expected to get maybe 50%-60%, of this area completed by the afternoon. As it hit 10:00 AM, we all realized that we were way ahead of schedule and a huge push was made to complete the install.