Lost Station

Before Sudberry Station was built in 1999, every passenger had to wait in line at Conners Station. Passenger lines got so long on Saturday and Sunday Afternoons, the line would reach over 200 feet long with over 150 people.  Getting passengers on an off trains was another challenge since they had to walk over the tracks and near moving trains to board and unload.

Temporary fencing was put every meet and by Sunday it was falling over and half broken. Never doubt the strength of a small child wanting to get closer to the trains.

Since all passengers got to the station by going threw the road crossing, car traffic was a issue compounded by limited parking in that area next to Conners Station.


Today, Conners Siding, named after one of the original members of the club, Bill Conner, is a quiet area of the track where many members like to park their equipment. The large shade trees and close road access make it a great spot to tailgate, watch the trains, and enjoy the great views of the park, which is only appropriate as Bill actually enjoyed watching his trains run more than running them himself.