7 ft Riding Car - Bill Conner Design


For Sale Bill Conner 7 ft Riding car with anti sway stabilization and brakes

For your consideration is a 7 foot riding car built by Bill Conner with his unique and VERY effective anti sway stabilization system that keeps the car nice and stable for the passengers, verse the rocking back and forth that can be felt and lead to nervous riders on other cars.  This car also has brakes mounted on both trucks to keep this riding car in full control of the engineer. 

This car is currently located at Eagle Point Railroad in Dunlap TN. I Live in Huntsville AL and I will be glad to meet you in Dunlap or Chattanooga TN, as well as Huntsville AL. For an additional cost, I will consider Delivery within a few hours of either of those locations. 

Shipping is not an option at this time.

Contact: Matt Calahan  Phone - (256) 527-0988  (Text Message As Well)