LE American Chassis & Steel Boiler


LE American chassis and steel boiler parts plus a set of drawings. The machine work is really nice. The boiler parts that have been made are nice as well. Chassis is almost ready to time and run on air. One steam chest cover is missing, so I have been unable to time it. Parts are a little dusty from sitting around the shop but. Parts to finish it are available from Banning Loco. who sells LE American castings.

Contact: Tim Mikko  Phone - (314) 401-9497  Email - trmikko@sbcglobal.net

7.5" ga. #1501 4-8-4 Lackawanna Steam Engine


7.5" ga. #1501 4-8-4 Lackawanna coal fired Northern built by Bill Betts in 1999 from original Lackawanna plans.  #1501 was recently hydro tested and passed without issue.  This Locomotive has only been fired 6 - 8 times.  Previously, this engine was run with a compressed air setup directly to the throttle valve bypassing the boiler.  Water is delivered by lifting injector under cab and hand pump in tender.  Center drivers are blinded to help negotiate tighter radius curves. 

Only minor items need to be completed to have this locomotive under steam again.  Two flare end copper lines will need to be replaced in the smoke box connections from boiler to throttle valve.  Water lines from tender including hand water pump to engine replaced other similar details.

Locomotive is located on private layout in Middle Tennessee and can be loaded onto trailer or rear of truck from loading ramp. Delivery to your layout is also an option for direct costs as estate still has cargo van with built-in rails for easy and secure transport.

Contact: Jeff Tuley Phone - (615) 533-5838    Email - JeffTuley@hotmail.com

Aster Model Live Steam Locomotive Gauge 1


Aster Model Live Steam Locomotive Gauge 1 - 3 Cylinder


Never Fired!!  Like new Aster Shay 1/22 scale

Comes with original wood box and manual.

Weight 3.4 kg Length: 435 mm     Width: 97 mm

Height: 143 mm     Valve Gear: Stephenson

Lubricator: Rosoe Displacement     Fuel Tank: 75 ml

Water Tank: 160 ml     Alcohol Burner with three wick tubes 

Contact: Jeff Tuley   Phone - (615) 533-5838    Email - JeffTuley@hotmail.com