2-4-2 Steam Engine


Barb and Howard Dorsey are selling an engine built by Barb’s Dad, George Towne. George was a long time member of Mid South Live Steamers and built 10 plus engines. George was quite a machinist working on engines up into his 90’s.

The engine is a 2-4-2 configuration, otherwise known as a Columbia. George utilized Allen Mogul Castings where appropriate to develop this engine. Drivers are approximately 7”  diameter, Boiler is 8” diameter. The engine is 49” long and then engine and tender together is 89” long. The engine is propane fired utilizing slotted tubes for the burners.

The riding car is included and has the propane bottle and regulator. Also included is a rolling stand for the engine and tender. There are very few hours on this engine.

The price for the Engine, Tender, Riding car with Propane setup and rolling stand.
Engine is located in Charlotte, Tennessee - Can be pickup at location or at MSLS.

Contact: Barb or Howard  Phone - (951) 609-8237


LE American Chassis & Steel Boiler


LE American chassis and steel boiler parts plus a set of drawings. The machine work is really nice. The boiler parts that have been made are nice as well. Chassis is almost ready to time and run on air. One steam chest cover is missing, so I have been unable to time it. Parts are a little dusty from sitting around the shop but. Parts to finish it are available from Banning Loco. who sells LE American castings.

Contact: Tim Mikko  Phone - (314) 401-9497  Email - trmikko@sbcglobal.net